Baristo – Restaurant Website

Baristo opens up the “DELICIOUS FROM HOME RESTAURANT” experience with hundreds of attractive food options. With the strength of a source of fresh food coming directly from nature, customers will really enjoy dozens of delicious dishes directly prepared by talented chefs. Meals at Baristo will definitely bring you a perfect experience.

July 21, 2019
App Design, Web Design

The wireframe and prototype

We ensure the site is built according to goals. Seeing features clearly with minimal creative influence allows stakeholders to focus on other aspects of the project. Wireframing sets expectations about how features will be implemented by showing how features will work, where they will be located and how much benefit they’ll provide.Some features may be pulled out because it doesn’t fit into our site’s goals.

Designing the website

We use figma to increase the teamwork ability of the team members, thus bringing consistency to the interface of the website. The dishes also need to be photographed artfully to increase the aesthetics of the site. Layout, site map and userflow is designed in accordance with the wireframe

Delivery app for delivers

We have also designed food delivers with a separate app, so the restaurant manager can manage the shippers, and the shipper himself can control orders more easily.